2/4/09 Agenda: Reader's/Writer's Workshop with Technology Integration

Free Books!

Click on the file below to open the planning and goal sheet.

An example blog has been created for you to look to if you need help. There are different questions to answer before you begin blogging with students and also an example of a project embedded into a blog. Click here to view.

This document shows you different examples of blogs that have been used at the Kindergarten-Second Grade levels. Some of them have examples of student work and others are used to showcase current events in the classroom. They are all good examples of how to use a blog.

You can get to the blogs listed above by clicking on the links below:
A first grade blog that showcases student work.
This shows what kids are doing in Reader's Workshop

Here are some blogs that showcase classroom happenings:

Clilck here to see some examples of Voice Thread projects completed by students.

Open this document for some helpful hints in uploading a Voice Thread project to your blog.

- Written directions for creating a Blogger Weblog.