LOTE Specific Links:

Lame MP3 encoder

iTunes If you don't have it downloaded already, download and then click on link for iTunes store. From the store, in the left side menu, click on either "iTunes U" or "Podcasts" or simply search for a topic you are interested in and click on the podcast links within the search results.

MY SmartBoard DELICIOUS links...


Casa de Joanna - Spanish resources
Cyber Spain - take a virtual trip to Spain
Letter, number, shapes, and colors activities
Spanish for elementary school
Spanish for middle and high school students
Spanish resources
Spanish websites - alphabetical list of 117 websites filled with Spanish resources
Spanish vocabulary games


Casa de Joanna - French resources
French classroom games
French for elementary school
French games
French websites - alphabetical list of 84 websites
Interactive French sites
Letter, number, shapes, and colors activities

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General Resources for foreign languages

BBC Languages - most material for beginners but some for intermediate, resources from BBC in the UK
Casa de Joanna - general language resources
Foreign Languages Internet Resources - list of general foreign language resources and lists for specific foreign languages such as Spanish and French
Foreign language - site for help in learning different foreign languages
Google Language Translator - translates words or whole websites into different languages
Language Links - many resources for many languages
Language resources - vast resources for many different languages
LOTE Games - A variety of activities and games makes it fun so that you never get bored. If there is a sentence that you don’t understand, click on it to see the English equivalent.
Action Flashcards
Spanish Culture
Virtual Resource
Book Resource
Study Spanish
LOTE Clipart
Learn French
Daily French
Google Language Tools
Spanish Exercises
French Exercises