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Starpoint Music Education Mission Statement

In conjunction with the Starpoint Central School District Mission Statement and the New York State Standards for the Arts, the Music Department of Starpoint Central Schools believe that a music education for all children is vital for its aesthetic, historical, cultural and educational value.
Music learns as a language that has no cultural boundaries. The K-12 Music Program strives to provide students with the opportunity to create, perform and respond to music through a variety of experiences and activities. Given this opportunity, the students will develop their potential as a performer, consumer and creator of music.
The study of music in the Starpoint Central Schools seeks to make special contributions to the student’s creative development. Music knowledge and performance fosters creativity, critical thinking skills, concentration, responding in various degrees (emotional, intellectual and physical), self-discipline and self-expression. Music celebrates differences and allows for individuals to explore their own unique ability.
The musical experiences our program seeks to provide, including general music, instrumental and vocal ensembles, will engage and affect the student’s whole personality, thereby enhancing one’s self-worth and creating the foundation for a life-long music learner. Music fosters a positive self-image, self-esteem and prepares the students to live and work in a culturally diverse society and have successful, positive social interactions.
Music is for all students as it is an integral part of the total education experience; as an independent discipline but also to support and enhance the goals and objectives of the additional disciplines. The Starpoint Central School District’s Music Program is designed as a comprehensive, sequential curriculum to ensure students will have the opportunity for mastery of various skills at various levels.

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Music Core Documents/Curricular Guides

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K-4 Core Guide -- external image pdf.png musprekto4.pdf
5-8 Core Guide -- external image pdf.png mus5to8.pdf
9-12 Core Guide -- external image pdf.png muscommence.pdf

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These websites are excellent resources: Greece and Webster

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Work completed on March 5th, 2009:
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Commencement: Vocal
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7th Grade:
external image msword.png 7th band map Middle School 6-8.doc

6th grade:
external image msword.png general_music_map.doc, external image msword.png Curriculum, General Music 6.docexternal image msword.png 6 general_music_map71.doc
5th Grade:
external image msword.png Fish band map.doc
3rd Grade:
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Summary and Finding Report:external image msword.png Starpoint Music K-12 summary.doc

Performance Indicators Wordle:
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