Slam Dunk Model

Five Kinds of Slam Dunk Lessons

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(created by Todd Lindbloom at Erie1 BOCES and originally hosted HERE )

The Persuasive Image/Provocative Ad
Pictures will have a watermark on them
Collection of free Creative Commons images
Over 3000 free images
Free images, usable for personal and commercial purposes.
Copyright free public domain images
Copyright free photos
Photos from NASA, NOAA, FWS (see copyright info)

The Provocative Article, Poem, Text
Archived for one year from publication
Anthologies of poems by E Dickenson, DH Lawrence, Louis Untermeyer, and more

The Database
Census information (Excel format)
Fact finder census information
Storm information
QuickFacts by state

Political Cartoons

The Dramatic Media
American Memory – Am. History
Read the licensing agreement
NYS history
27,000 free photos
A hotlist of public domain
60,000 works of art at San Francisco Fine Arts museum
The Smithosian
Copyright free photographs
Paintings from Paris, supported with text
National Gallery of Art
NY Archives photo gallery

A hotlist of many primary sources (mostly historical)
Museum Victoria – click on “photograph album” on the lower left or other resources
Filamentality is a site where teachers share web resources; is searchable
Searchable database with artists and paintings.
Powermedia Plus is the new streaming video site that will be replacing United Streaming.
Searchable grade level and subject area content.
A digital library of historical treasures in Buffalo and the surrounding areas. Photos, Monographs, History, Maps, etc.
Great site for students to search on different topics relating to Science, Health, Literature, History, etc.
Kathy Schrock's guide for educator's. This site gives awesome lists of educational websites for teachers and students.
Large selection of photo galleries by category (eg: history, landscapes, under water etc.)
Searcy by keyword, subject, grade, and resource type (media).
Great site for copyright free music. You can put these on your websites. Thanks Kevin!
Another great site for copyright music, search by genre or feel. You should not put these songs on your website!!!
Way Back Machine, host podcasts, videos, and search for content. Check it out!!!
Just like YouTube but for educational use in your classroom.
Search out videos, pictures, and even contests. Thanks Carm!!
Tons of free clip art. Remember to use MS Clip Art with MS Products...

Further reading by Jamie McKenzie: (search the site for "slam dunk")
or (lots of articles about technology integration)

This list originally compiled by Todd Lindbloom at Erie1 BOCES and originally hosted HERE